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Easy Pond and Water Garden Construction

well water garden today most like and ecosystems, the balance between fish, plants and bacteria in the water to maintain white. Type I is an independent tank (no food or spring) and between 100-900 m², garden water garden is easy to maintain and talk force their way of life and property. 20 years ago the typical do-dad Garden is a den dirt in front of us, a successful koi pond required deep water and unattractive to the filtration system of the lagoon. With a better understanding of the lagoon ecosystem and some ideas borrowed equipment pool equipment industry, which dig only able to do things and move rocks and earth for a beautiful garden living water to create best practices and equipment.

Now I have to admit that there are other ways that might work, but none of the reservoirs are very well of course, I saw a tank is installed with this system.

The basic elements of this system are underlaiment, liner, skimmer and stones, gravel, fill valve, pump, water, biological filtration, plants, fish and bacteria.

Here is a simplified explanation of how it works like and ecosystems. The fish managed to feed on insects and plants, and fish waste through the system. Skimmer draws water from the upper layer of the lagoon circulation and ventilation assistance in receiving liquid waste online. The pump is located in the skimmer and pump network to bio-filter. Bio-filter is intended to be general so that the waterfall can be incorporated. The water in the filter and it was through the filter media, which is built using bacteria to grow. Bacteria convert the waste is less harmful to fish and less favorable to overgrowth of algae. Waterfall or to add more ventilation, the need for bacteria and plants. acceptable to some water and nitrogen, and oxygen-containing plant. Rocks and gravel provide more space for bacteria to protect the boat against UV rays.

Damn! Every time I went to a simple explanation about the ecosystem of the lagoon and another 10 sets. Suffice to say that all stakeholders work together to make pond keeping easy!

I use the word simply as a relative term. In terms of work and experience to renew with a different approach is the easiest way I know. But there is still much work to build a pond. It appears that you have to dig and shape the hole in the ground and move some heavy things. well-trained team, everything you need in place to put the pond today. There may be some weekends where the owner is working alone, according to their skills, time and circumstances.

A few highlights:

Size: the best there is at least 6 m in diameter. Bigger is better. 16-11 is a good medium. In general, men do not repent pond more if you finish first.

Location: There is a tendency for the container in a place where water accumulates in the garden now. This is not always the best idea. Ground water in the pond can cause problems. If possible, stay close to the terrace where you can enjoy fresh fish and clean water per day.

Electrical and plumbing: Do not underestimate the need for a GFI outlet near the pump source and the water is in the lagoon. Most teams can not be lost for any reason, please let fill valve, but it is very important because the pond is a little windy today's inches of water. Corrected, can lead to pump dry a lot of damage skimmer. Bare shares covered by the skimmer opening.

Let's review the basic steps for installing this type of pond systems.

Determine the size of the lake and with all the necessary software. Hours lake shaped something like a garden hose. Let go there for a while, you think about where you fall and the plants will be different. If you have a band to design for them. Groundwater is not a problem as digging for the accumulation of enough land around the waterfall filter. Set marked with orange spray paint.

Preparation for a wide variety of stones and gravel for use.

Place skimmer and biological filter. If from the opposite side of the waterfall or on the production of motion back. Then, create a PVC hose with no seizures or wire skimmer and waterfall filter. Should fall on the excavation, rather

Make a solid, level cascade filter, maybe a little leaning forward on the project. If aid workers in the pit of the sea may, in turn, this right, or vice versa.

Turn off the water filter and replacement. It's a good idea to spend some time in the filter is filled to prevent transport from the point guard position.

Investigate and determine the slope, where water levels are usually a few inches below grade. complete excavation of ponds in relation to water level. rotary laser level is the best tool for this, though they are expensive to hire. With patience, control to achieve a low level in all directions around work. Add shelves and marginal plants and keep the level of the side handles. deep part of the water should be about 2 ° F or less. Each group in the city kicks deep and code requirements. If you are planning a number of tents that are deep enough to use the fish. planting pockets of water lilies can be dug now. These grants create a plan table depression later in the sleeves. You can plant directly into your pocket or hide their planters, have gravel, more natural looking pond.

He dug a place for sewage Sun support through the company to obtain an accurate position in relation to water level. Check all. All dimensions and levels. Make sure the water free sharp objects and underlaiment place. Start deep underlaiment push all shelves and pockets. EPDM ship put them in the same way, considering that the above water line (solution) and the activation treatment plant flow, filters, etc.

Add stones and gravel. Pre-washing of the stones can help with installation, or you can hose in the tank and pump with dirty water. Use larger stones at the base of each wall, useful form, with smaller buildings. Cover the surface with a flat "-2" gravel ... nothing more. If you have no gravel in the temptation to use more in the bottom of the pond. This is for biological reasons, that will not go into now. The term should be considered a liner very good position right now so you can make final adjustments to the skimmer and ships, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Begin filling the tank. Now there are actually building a waterfall and on. Make sure you drop a lot of possibilities open before you do it in the Plug-and-cut. Also make sure the ship does not turn that investment downstream. Double vessel flow is a common source of leaks and so clear, large vessels is recommended. A stack of dry stone wall in front of the cascade filter. Black waterfall foam to seal or some other form of distribution and foam in the space between the rocks. This allows water to flow around the rocks, instead of disappearing into the cracks between. Black waterfall foam is good to mix with stones. Basic flow of sales should come with soil excavated from the lagoon, but the excavation may be some need more reservoirs and may require construction of embankment along the water. The deadline for the flow of gravel and soil, as in the pond. With foam on the rocks, waterfall, wherever it wanted a chain reaction, using the Flat Rock on the products covered to form the seal.

Installing a water pump drain valve and fill the skimmer. If the water level is very high and all the foam into the waterfall is dry (you can guess the weapons with materials to fall, but try to avoid it because it is very difficult to clean!) The series of pump. Then you have to charge ponds, for water, large amounts of water, and finish in the spring. If you are convinced that everything is in order, cut the ship's weight. Leave several inches of liner to be solved and possible solutions.

There are many nuances to build a pond, but will give you a good sense of what it means, as a father Garden Project. We sell kits are excellent installation instructions and I am happy to answer your questions and many other lovers of the pond.

Garden Center director, writer, builds water gardens, musician and webmaster Lee Goins is often called as an expert in horticulture and landscaping. Lee Water Garden website offers products and advice for watering the garden easier.

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