Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pond Terms That Will Increase Your Waterfall Pond Knowledge

When I 1st heard a number of the pond terms i used to be quite lost. None of the knowledge is tough. It solely sounds tough if you haven't been taught. Let's review a number of the foremost common terminology.


Acclimate - this is often when the fish are adapting to the water.
Algae - The algae are microscopic organisms. Common forms are single-celled inexperienced water algae and multi-celled string algae.
Alkaline - If there's a pH level of seven or larger it's alkaline.
Ammonia - it's conjointly called NH3. Ammonia may be a colorless, odorless variety of nitrogen made from decaying matter. it's toxic to pond fish.
Aquatic Plant - These plants will grow with their roots within the water.
DE chlorinator - this is often a product to get rid of chlorine from pond water.
Disappearing Fountain - The water spills from a fountain and is captured in an underground basin. The water is then circulated back through the fountain.
Enzyme - it's a protein that causes the breakdown of organic debris.
Formal Falls - it's a sheer waterfall designed to be engineered into a wall or different structure.
Fountain - Is outlined as a twig of water into your pond. they will be tiny or terribly giant in size.
GPH Rating - it's the gallons per hour rating. This determines what quantity water the pump will flow into in one hour.
GFCI -This may be a ground fault circuit interrupt outlet. This outlet can cut the facility automatically if it detects a voltage leak. it'll forestall harmful shocks. this is often the kind of outlet you'll want.
Head Pressure - this is often the force that a pond pump should overcome so as to start pumping water out of the waterfall.
Kilowatt (KW) - it's the electrical unit of power.
Nitrate - N02 is another word for nitrate. it's the toxic variety of nitrogen
pH - this is often the live of acidity or alkalinity.
Pond Stream - A flow of water with but a forty five degree slope running into your pond may be a stream.
Reservoir - it's a body of water that's sometimes at the pinnacle of the waterfall.
Runoff - Water that flows over the bottom as a results of rainfall is runoff.
Sludge - it's the organic debris, fish waste and decomposing plants at the lowest of your pond.
Vertical carry - this is often how high the water should be pumped.

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