Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Landscaping DIY: Building A Waterfall With Pond

Select a location for a pond or waterfall, the first and most important step in the installation. The pond should be at least four hours on sunny days and will also benefit from some shade. Ensure that flow drainage landscape in the place you choose. Of course, it is necessary to ensure a perfect place for families to relax

After placing the order, you must understand how to measure, such as tickets to the square on the ground. General view of the overall plan should be off-line. This can be done with spray, which is more sustainable than the chalk line, but disappears when you start digging. It is also possible that this site will be flagged. Utility room, which will be called before a shovel hits the dirt all.

Side of the pond will be buried in layers so that they do not break. It is also pleasing to the eye and provides a solid base for plants to grow. Put the dirt away from the area where the waterfall. Height of the lagoon will be large. Transport which will flow well, and add a waterfall area.

After excavation, the next step is animal feed instead. First, sand the bottom, and smooth. As it will be distributed, and then went to the pond, resting vessel larger than the work. Twitch of the airliner on the ground is not suitable for transport to the lake. Make sure you buy a good plan, because it is a good place to bargain. It would be very difficult to remove them all to simply replace them pulled the boat.

System Configuration The next thing you need to do. Water pumps, filters and water garden skimmer included in this section. Since you're taking on the street, you will pay better to do it professionally.

When equipment is installed, it's time to add rock and gravel. Adding a protective layer at the bar and go through the mountain, which is a good way to protect and keep it stable. Put it in a different size stones and river gravel in the bottom of the lake to look attractive and support the plant and animal life. After cleaning the stones, water pump in a bad area.

Make sure that all the earth be removed after all the stones in place. Using a hose to fill the space with water. If you're good, you should put it in chlorinated water. Otherwise, the material injury to the animals that you can add to the pool.

The last step is to add plants and animals. Flora and maintains a clean and healthy pond. Animals should not be added until 14 days after the plants were there. This time allows the plant to clean water, and add nutrition to fish a healthy start.

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